Spin the Bottle: The Kissing Game

Looking for the best ways to play Spin the Bottle? This is the place! Play the hottest kissing game with your friends. And, don’t forget to invite your crush!

Spin the Bottle

4 Hottest Ways to Play Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle is the daring kissing game to play with your high school and college friends. Gather your friends (and crush) and convince them to play a highly entertaining & seductive game of Spin the Bottle! We have created the ultimate list with four ways to play Spin the Bottle. Simply play the original game, or mix it up with spicy “Truth or Dare” dares and a “7 Minutes in Heaven” challenge. It’s time for some action!

Jump right to the four different ways to play Spin the Bottle:

  1. The original kissing game
  2. Spin the Bottle: Truth or Dare
  3. Spin the Bottle: 7 Minutes in Heaven
  4. Spin the Bottle: Online

How to play Spin the Bottle?

Gather your friends... sit in a circle... and start playing Spin the Bottle.

How to kiss?

There are loads of ways to kiss in Spin the Bottle. You can give a simple kiss on the cheek, or go for a juicy kiss on the lips. It all depends on whether you (and the other) are comfortable with those. If you are really uncomfortable kissing someone, then a friendly hug or a kiss on the forehead is also acceptable.

Here are a few kissing examples you can try:

  1. Give a kiss on the cheek. Easy, right?
  2. Give a kiss on the lips. Do it swiftly, or make it a passionate longer kiss.
  3. Give a sensual kiss on the ear. Bonus points when you dare a soft bite...
  4. French kiss! 🔥
  5. And many other variations are possible!

Spin the Bottle: Truth or Dare

Spin the Bottle Questions

Spin the Bottle Dares

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Spin the Bottle: 7 Minutes in Heaven

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Spin the Bottle Online

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