Truth or Dare for Couples and Naughty Adults

In the mood for some dirty truths and sexy dares? Seduce your partner into playing the hottest, sexiest version of Truth or Dare. Only for adults! 💋 (18+)

Questions for Couples and Adults

Sexy, exciting & intimate

Thought Truth or Dare was just a game for teens who want to embarrass each other? Think again. It’s also perfect for couples who want to spice things up a little bit. It is a fun and sexy way to get you in the mood for something more exciting than the 20th rerun of Friends on Netflix.

So throw that remote away, get your lazy butt off the couch and prepare yourself for some revealing questions and naughty dares! If you weren’t aware of the secret desires of your lover by now, you will surely know about them with this game. And maybe have a taste of them as well. You never know what the night will bring! 🔥

Play with your partner or crush

Maybe you already know how to play Truth or Dare: the standard version, that is. However, playing it with your crush, partner or spouse is a great way to take the game to a whole new and exciting level.

Just as in the normal version, you can play dirty Truth or Dare in twosomes or with a slightly larger group. Depending on how naughty you want things to get. Firstly you want to determine amongst yourselves who gets to kick off the game.

Are you the one who gets to go first? Then you must choose between answering a question truthfully or performing a dirty dare. You can also let a twist of spin the bottle decide who’s first to be subjected to some sexy questions and challenges!

Hot truth questions!

Ever felt too shy to ask your crush or lover questions about their sexual fantasies? Not anymore! Because this game is a great framework to get over your bashfulness. These intimate questions will spill all the sexy secrets you were dying to find out.

Think you already know everything about each other? Because you’ve been together for like a zillion years? Even spouses have secret drawers in their minds, preserved for exciting fantasies. It’s never too late to learn about them! 😏

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves... and focus on the rules! Is it your turn? And did you pick ‘Truth’? Then you must answer a question honestly. Be prepared for some revealing quizzing, because no one wants to hear about your first kiss in the seventh grade. Lying is not an option. Well, you could try and tell a lie... But it would obviously spoil the fun of the game.

List of Truths

We have collected some sexy and naughty questions for you below!

  • What’s the most unusual place you made love?
  • What sex act have you done that you’ll never do again?
  • What do you like during foreplay? 🤤
  • What is your favorite position?
  • How do you feel when touching yourself?
  • What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had? 💦
  • What is the first dirty thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite sex?
  • What is the wildest fantasy you ever had that actually came true?
  • How was your first sex experience?
  • What is your craziest one-night stand story? 🔥
  • What’s your dirty little secret?

Do you feel really uncomfortable answering a question? Remember that you can always ask for another one.

Want more questions? Check our free Truth or Dare app.

Sexy & revealing dares

Ever wanted to ask your lover or partner to do things, but shied away because you weren’t sure they’d like it? The dares in this dirty version of Truth or Dare will undoubtedly heat things up for a sizzling night!

Forget about asking each other to eat something gross, burping the alphabet, or dancing like crazy around the living room... Well, unless you want to dance a seductive little number stark naked. 🤭

These dares will guarantee some spiced-up moments! But first: the rules. Is it your turn? And did you pick ‘Dare’? Then you have to carry out the task or a challenge you’ve been given. Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. But don’t hesitate too fast, who knows what could happen when you overcome your coyness!

List of Dares

We have collected some dirty dares for you below!

  • Send a naked selfie to your partner.
  • Perform a striptease.
  • Kiss your love on the neck. ❤️
  • Lick the nipples of your partner.
  • Order a sex toy online.
  • Undress your partner with one hand.
  • Massage your partner.
  • Send a naughty text message to your love.
  • Lick your partner’s chest. 👅
  • Put whipped cream on your partner’s body and lick it.
  • Tongue kiss your partner where he/she wants.
  • Kiss and touch your partner while blindfolded.

Play the online version 💋

You can find over 1,000 more sexy questions and dirty dares in our free app for iOS and Android. Give it a try!

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Sexy tips and variations!

Try one of these sexy tips and variations of Truth or Dare:

  1. Are you in a long-distance relationship? That can be tough. But it could make for some sexy encounters, as well. Try playing Truth or Dare over Skype or FaceTime. Seeing your partner striptease will surely spice up your relationship in lonely times!

  2. Do you notice one of the players always opts for the relatively safe questions? Fear no more. In this version of the game, players cannot choose between a ‘truth’ or a ‘dare’. Instead it alternates between the two. Which means everyone will get their turn!

  3. Nobody wants to start off fully naked. The fun of the game lies in spicing things up slowly and building tension. So save the dirtiest questions and dares until later, when you’re already feeling a bit more steamy!

  4. Want to add a little tension to the game? Then agree to not touch each other until a certain point in the game. The questions before reaching that point should revolve around what you both want to do to each other. And the dares should be about teasing each other until the urge to touch each other becomes almost too much to bear.

  5. Looking for more questions and dares? Check our list of 100 sexy Truth and Dare questions.

Truth or Dare questions video

Always feel comfortable

There’s one rule that should apply to every game of Truth or Dare, especially in this one where you could feel vulnerable at times. You should never feel pressured into doing things you don’t want to do.

Are you uncomfortable answering a question or performing a task? Just ask for a new one, there is absolutely no shame in it.

And remember it’s always smart to agree on some ground rules before starting the game, such as:

  • What kinds of questions are off-limits?
  • How far can a dare go?
  • Where can the dares be performed? Outside or inside?
  • Does every player need to watch the person who’s performing a dare?

We hope you will have an unforgettable game night with each other!

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