12 Flirty Truth or Dare Questions over Text

Feel that your texting adventures with your significant other or crush are coming to a boring halt? Try some flirty truth and dare questions over text. Your moods will shift to excitement nearly instantly!

Flirty Questions

These modern truth or dare games are even perfect for long-distance relationships. You don’t have to be face-to-face with your partner to play it. You just have to bring your flirty A-game to the table and be more creative than your usual self.

6 Flirty Truth Questions to Ask over Text

The same rules of truth or dare games you’ve known growing up apply to truth or dare played via SMS. But the tricky part of getting flirty with your truth questions is there won’t be anybody’s language exchanged between you and the person you’re playing with. The problem with this is the line between being flirty and needy is thin, so be creative in crafting your questions.

Here are good examples of flirty truth questions:

1. Did you smile when you saw my name pop up on your phone just now?

Confidence is sexy. Asking this question shows a peek into your confidence. No answer probably means the guy or girl isn’t into you as much as you’d like. But if they did answer, you know it’s on. Go with the flow and see how this conversation takes you both.

2. How do you feel about nude paintings?

Ask if he/she would consider posing nude for art class. Or if a nude painting is something he/she would want displayed in his/her own house. Whichever question delivery you decide, the answer will surely be a great topic of conversation.

3. So you’re studying to become a lawyer, huh? Should I be careful what I say around you?

You’d probably be half-teasing and half-serious when you ask this question. But if the other person likes you, being teased about stereotypical remarks like these will surely liven up the conversation.

It’s not essential if the other person answers you for real, or he/she teases you back with something just as stereotypical about you and your background. What’s important is that the conversation gets going.

4. If you could take me out this weekend, where would we go?

Because you asked the other person if he/she would take you out (and not the other way around), there’s a good chance you’ll catch them off guard.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the guy or girl; this question is a legitimate way of finding out if:

  • The other person is really into you
  • What kind of dates the other person prefers
  • You have familiar tastes and a future to look forward to.

5. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Embarrassing stories rarely get you the real answers because, let’s face it; these kinds of stories are exclusively told when you get a lot more serious with another person. But if you ask what spontaneous things they’ve done in the past, it’s a more fair question that they’d be proud to answer.

Plus, you get to pick the other person’s character a little and get to know if they love/hate the outdoors, they consider themselves sporty or not, if they believe the YOLO motto (you only live once), and so on…

6. Have you ever drunk-shopped anything out-of-character before?

It can be as kinky as a sex toy, or as weirdly fascinating as a kilo of hot peppers. Whatever the answer, this is a fun topic to explore and could reveal what a person thinks about when his/her logical thinking is compromised with alcohol.

6 Flirty Dares to Send over Text

Since you won’t be playing the game face-to-face, expect to show proof of your task through photos, videos, voice recording, online posts, and other “scientifically-proven” methods. Just merely saying “Finished” won’t cut it with dares you send over text.

1. Take out a marker and draw a tattoo on a spot you find sexy.

It would be impressive if they could actually draw good, but you’re not trying to see if the other person is as creative as Picasso, so don’t expect tattoo-artist-level work. What you’re looking to find out with this dare is what the other person thinks his/her sexiest body part is. So, you’ll discover what body part they consider to be sexy enough to get a tattoo. Selfies are in order with this dare, of course.

2. Do a dance craze you know by heart.

What dance craze were you part of recently, or during your childhood? From classics like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Kylie Minogue’s Loco-Motion, Madonna’s Vogue, or Los del Rio’s Macarena, to more modern ones like Beyonce’s Single Ladies, Psy’s Gangnam Style, or Silento’s Watch Me, Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae, there is no shortage of catchy dance moves in pop culture.

Ask the other person to video themselves dancing to any of these dance craze. Plus points if they’re brave enough to post the video online.

3. Prank-call somebody using your most seductive voice.

Ask him/her to do a three-way and prank-call somebody. You’ll be able to hear exactly how well (or how bad) the person you like is able to improvise. Will they crack under pressure? Getaway with it?

It may not be as memorable as a real date, but if the prank-calls are one-of-a-kind, they’d probably be one of your fondest memories and a good story to tell if things get further into your relationship.

Plus, it’s a fun way to bond, even if you’re miles apart.

4. Create a Tinder Profile, or Edit an existing one with funny details.

Go to Tinder. If the other person doesn’t have Tinder yet, ask them to register and create the cheesiest and funniest profile they can create along with a real photo of themselves. If they already have an existing one, ask them if they’re game to edit out their real details and turn the profile into their personal example of “Tinder Don’ts.”

You can even participate in editing the profile. This shows how his/her sense of humor matches yours.

This flirty dare can even turn into a running joke that you and the other person share. Imagine how many funny, inappropriate, cheesy or creepy replies you’ll be able to read together.

5. Stage a thirst trap and post it on social media.

Help the other person stage a thirst trap by making him/her follow your instructions. Whether you’re asking him to post without a shirt and just his underwear, or you’re asking her to pose her version of the no-face, neck-down, two-piece swimsuit thirst trap, this is a fun way to collaborate ideas.

Just make sure you’re both on board with the dare, because thirst traps can be super-hot. You don’t want to get burned by your own dare now, would you?

Of course, no thirst trap is complete without actually posting on social media. So choose which platform and post. If he/she is game, ask them to add a cheeky caption that adds to the whole look.

6. Find the sexiest thing you have in your room and create an intentionally-bad review video about it.

Have you seen unboxing and product review videos? They can be pretty comprehensive, from the opening of the box to talking about all the nitty-gritty of the item.

Try to use your poker face when recording the video. What makes this flirty dare work is because you’d probably be reviewing something personal, like a men’s G-string, a strip pole you had installed in your room, new lingerie, and if you’re brave enough, a sex toy.

Ask the one being dared to send over the video to you. This can be something you’ll bond about for years. Or if they’re brave enough, post the video on YouTube.

Bring the Flirt IRL

Texting is all good fun, if you’ve just met or you have no other choice because you’re physically located far from each other.

But if you want the relationship to go further, don’t just stick to texting. Bring the fun and getting-to-know-you’s in real life once you can. There’s nothing better than flirting in front of the person and seeing how they react to your words or actions live.

Read on if you need fun date night ideas, games to play during a date, or topics to talk about on a first date.

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