20 Best Truth Questions for All Ages

No matter what age you are, playing truth or dare can really shake up things! Here's our list of twenty of the best & most exciting truth questions you can ask anyone.

Best Truth Questions

Best Truth Questions for Kids

Brush up on truth or dare rules if you have forgotten how to play, but if you’re ready, arm yourself with these unique, truth-seeking questions for kids, teens, adults, and couples.

Want to get to know your friends and classmates better? These questions can be pretty exciting icebreakers for you and everyone who wants to join a game of Truth and Dare.

  • Which cartoon character would you love to be?

    Do you find yourself secretly laughing at what the villains do in cartoons? Or do you always go for the good guys? Check which of your schoolmates are likely to grow up as heroes, and which schoolmates you’d probably stay away from while they go through their bully phase.

  • If you could pick between a new sibling and a new pet, which would you choose?

    Do you have a friend who is expecting a baby brother or sister? Does he/she feel a bit anxious about it? Asking this question is the perfect way to know what’s on your friend’s mind, and if you’ve been through that experience before, you can even help them get past the emotions.

  • What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?

    Be prepared to get grossed out by their answers. Some kids can really get into details with their grossness. I’m sure if you’re asking this to a fellow boy, this question could likely turn into a never-ending competition of grossest stories. Other playmates can even judge whose grossest story wins.

  • Have you eaten a bug? If so, how did it happen?

    Did a friend eat a bug on purpose or unintentionally? Depending on whether you like bugs or not, your friend’s answer will surely be memorable. These types of stories are legendary - if you are still friends with this boy or girl in the next 10 years, I bet you’d include this to your roster of stories for every school reunion.

  • What is your biggest fear?

    What other kids fear may not be as scary as what you think, but remember that you’re asking questions to learn everything you can about your friend. Maybe your girl crush reveals she’s scared of spiders and you can be a hero next time she finds one hiding under her school chair.

Best Truth Questions for Teens

Perfect for ages 13 to 17, these truth questions are PG-rated but still answer important things about a growing child.

  • Which kid show do you still enjoy today?

    Are you a fan of Blues Clues? Spongebob Squarepants? Art Attack? Which show are you proud to admit? Which embarrasses you the most?

  • Have you ever skipped school?

    You’d probably think twice about revealing this if a parent is asking. But if you’re playing with fellow teen friends, then it would be totally different. You might even brag about your school-skipping adventures like a badge of honor.

  • What would you do with $1000?

    This is a good way to know the spending habits of your peers. Do you save too little money or too much? Do you spend on things that the kids your age spend on? This can even be a good idea to learn what your classmate or best friend wants for his/her birthday or Christmas.

  • When was the last time you did something nice for someone?

    If you’re asking this question to another teen, the answer could help you get to know them better. It highlights how well they were raised, the values that they keep, and gives you an idea if you want to hang out with them some more (or not).

  • What is the scariest nightmare you ever had?

    Nightmares are dreams that bring out strong feelings of fear, anxiety, or distress. While many are self-explanatory, these often mean something deeper. Common nightmares are drowning, falling into a never-ending black pit, and so on. If a friend reveals that sounds serious, tread lightly and give advice

If you’re 17 years old and below and want to prepare for the next truth and dare game, stop ready here and check out other age-appropriate questions for teens.

Best Truth Questions for Adults

These questions are ideal for both men and women, those aged 20s to 50s.

  • Would you choose love over your career?

    There comes a time in an adult’s life when they are forced to choose between love and career. It is always interesting to know how someone has dealt with something similar, and if they ever regretted their past choice. Be ready to get deep and serious with this one.

  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done all alone in the house?

    Some people take to the mirror and talk to themselves; others dance around the house naked. The answer shows if a person has inhibitions or not. If you’re playing truth or dare with a man or woman you like, this could even bridge into more R-rated topics of conversations.

  • Which of your physical features do you hate the most? If given a chance, would you change it?

    Maybe you’ve always hated how your nose looks, or how your love handles never seem to get smaller even if you workout. If you were given money to have this fixed via plastic surgery, or other extreme solutions like corset-wearing, would you do it?

  • What blooper do you consider the most significant in your life?

    Have you ever made a mistake that had a life-changing impact? For example, you said no when a good longtime friend asked you out and they never talked to you again, or a job you had to turn down but found out later that it was actually your dream job.

  • Have you ever had a secret relationship?

    This doesn’t necessarily have to be a cheating experience. For example, you dated a friend’s dad, a childhood friend you just saw over the summer, or a very old man/woman you were embarrassed to tell anyone. Whatever the reason you had the relationship kept secret, I’m sure the story would be epic.

Best Truth Questions for Couples

You can be a new couple who’s getting to know each other a lot better, or an old couple who just needs a bit of talking-points inspirations... these questions would still work.

  • Do you remember the most surprising thing that’s ever turned you on?

    Just stick to something that doesn’t usually turn you on. Depending on what the answer might be, this can be an embarrassing or funny truth question. The answer could be as varied as can be - from your boyfriend working on a buster pipe, to your wife trying to mix in the apple pie’s filling.

  • What’s the weirdest role play you’ve ever done?

    It can be from a past or current relationship. Spill the beans about why you think the role-playing got weird and how you participated. Did you end it abruptly or push through with it against your better judgment? Did you ever tell your partner then how it made you feel? This is a good way to check how well a person is with confrontations and getting out of sticky situations.

  • Would you consider filming yourself doing it?

    Here’s an ideal truth question for those who just started dating. Depending on how experienced you are, this question can either be super-exciting or borderline awkward and creepy. Ask at your own risk. It’s a spicy icebreaker, but if you are looking for more mellow questions, check these second date tips.

  • Do you intentionally stop yourself from saying “I Love You” first?

    Imagine yourself falling head over heels with someone you’ve just been dating for a month. With all the books and movies telling you NOT to reveal your emotions too quickly, do you listen and stop yourself from sharing what you feel? Or do you jump right into it and give your heart to the other person?

  • What sexual milestone will you never forget?

    Best for couples who have been together for a couple of years and have no more inhibitions when it comes to sex, this truth question can be revealing (and rewarding) for you both.

Continue the hot and heavy conversations and read more sexy truth questions for adults only here.

Truth & Dare Questions Won’t Work if You Lie

The secret to playing truth or dare is laying your cards on the table. You’ll have to open up and share the deepest, most embarrassing, or most personal things about you. Your friends, crush or significant other, family members, and other people you’re playing it with then will do the same.

Someone can reveal a lot when they are talking about personal life experiences. Answering the truth shows a person’s vulnerable side that you should always keep alive.

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